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Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer or simply, SEO is the tampering of the natural search results of a search engine. But, do not mistake SEO for a cheat in search engine results. The goal of SEO is to create a great, seamless user experience and to communicate to the search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for relevant searches.

There are 8 essential things you must never forget about SEO. These are the following.

1. The things that make up the SEO is the foundation of the website. The links, paid searches and social media are only an additional to your website. The SEO consisting of the content, information architecture, platform and infrastructure are the ones responsible having visitors come back to the page. Without it, the website won't be able to collect any traffic. Thus, it would not produce great outcome for the business.

2. The criteria of search engines are the ones that determine whether a website would be in a high ranking. The search engines are the ones that refer users to websites and other contents by considering the relevance to the user's input. This relevance is determined by the content, performance, authority and user experience of the site.
3. The criteria for relevance of search engines are not shallow. Search engines do not look for keyword stuffing, purchased links, and poor user experience.

4. You should be well aware of your business model. This include being able to determine what your business s about. Knowing you business well means that you can define what you are actually selling, your goals, your assets and your liabilities.
5. There other platforms that can be used for optimization. This strategy is called multi-channel optimization. Some of the platforms for this is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, emails and even offline media like radio and television.

6. Domain names say a lot. It is very important and considered as an overall foundation. 

7. Optimization can be used for different types of results. There are other areas to focus on besides the desktop like mobile and tablet optimization, other types of media as well.

8. Metadata is something to be focused on. The content on your site should have title tags and meta descriptions. But, make sure they are unique and specific so they would function well.
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